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We British folk love a good picnic. Come rain or shine we will not be beaten. Okay, maybe not so much in the rain… but a little cloud cover or a mild gale won’t ruin what is always a fun excursion.   Picnic food can be as simple or as complicated as you like it. […]


DIY Easter Eggs

Anyone fancy trying their hand at making your own Easter eggs? Us experimental crafty types are often looking for a challenge and if you add chocolate into the mix, we won’t say no! I can’t promise perfect recreations of the wonderful, hollow egg shaped chocolates we all know and love but if you’re after a […]


Coachella – The Best Bits

As we always do this time of year – we spent most of last week wishing we were across the pond spending the weekend in the hazy, sunshine filled, musical wonderland that is Coachella. Sadly we didn’t make it (again) and we’re not at all bitter about it. Honest. And looking through all the incredibly […]